Harness the power of speech to create precise clinical records


✔️patient referrals, patient notes, logbooks 

✔️efficient record creation, tracking, and management

✔️optimise your time

✔️ all-in-one digital solution



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Medical Proffessionals 

  • Save time!
  • Generate comprehensive patient referrals and patient notes fast
  • Consolidate all patient referral history into a single, secure, accessible hub

Students, Interns and Registrars 

  • No more paper!
  • Log attendance in a single click
  • Capture learning outcomes and patient cases for your logbook and CPD records
  • Never lose your logbook records
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Dr Dragan Mandic from the Wits Unit for Undergraduate Medical Education simulates an airway intubation in the new sim lab_600x300px

Academic Programs and Medical Schools

  • Go digital!
  • Fully automate your logbook requirements
  • Gain valuable rotation performance insights with dashboards and in-depth data analytics 
  • Empower your students, giving them the freedom to reclaim their time
  • Custom requirements are supported

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DotDr Price Plans

🆓 Free

✅Voicenote records: unlimited

✅Confirmation or Referral emails: included

✅Basic logbook: attendance report only

❌Weekly dashboard: not included

❌Transcription: not included

❌Voice prompts: not included



💲 Premium

Transcriptions: all voicenotes are transcribed with full history available

Full logbook: transcriptions adhere to the rotation logbook format 

✅Approval flows: custom

✅Weekly dashboard: includes progress and status reports.

✅Voice prompts: included



🏬 Enterprise

Fully customised solution

✅ DotDr will work with the learning institution to create a solution that fully reflects the learning requirements and outcomes.



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