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Attendance Attainment Predictions (RAG) for Medical Education

Medical education, spanning across various levels, demands meticulous tracking of attendance and meeting rotation requirements. DotDr understands these challenges and is thrilled to introduce a revolutionary feature: the automatic calculation of attendance attainment using RAG status.

Understanding RAG Status in DotDr. RAG status, or Red, Amber, Green, is a powerful tool in DotDr's arsenal, designed specifically to streamline the monitoring of attendance and rotation requirements for medical students at all levels.

How DotDr RAG Status Works

Admins within DotDr can effortlessly set attendance targets or other rotation requirements within specified date ranges. Once these targets are established, DotDr takes over, automatically calculating progress towards these goals.

Let's delve into the process:

  1. Setting the Target: DotDr allows admins to specify the required number of submissions or activities within a designated date range.

  2. Calculating Progress: Leveraging the current date and the rotation end date, DotDr computes the number of submissions needed up to the present moment.

  3. Colour-Coded Progress: DotDr then assigns a colour code to represent progress:

    • Red: Indicates that the required submissions haven't been met.

    • Amber: Suggests progress towards the target but not yet achieved.

    • Green: Signifies that the required submissions have been met or exceeded.

DotDr RAG Status

The Impact on Medical Education

This feature is a game-changer for medical education administrators. With a clear visual representation of progress, admins can easily identify areas where students may require additional support or deserve recognition for their performance.

DotDr's RAG status feature simplifies attendance predictions and ensures compliance with rotation requirements for medical students across all levels. By automating calculations and providing intuitive colour-coded indicators, DotDr empowers administrators to efficiently track progress and support student success.

Experience the future of medical education management with DotDr. Try it today and witness the ease of overseeing rotations with our innovative system.